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Healing for your Mind, Body and Soul

I’m a qualified holistic therapist offering a variety of services that I wholeheartedly believe address the root causes and not just the symptoms of pain (physical/emotional/mental etc.)

I am registered with the CNHC (reflexology) , AoR (reflexology) and ACHO (crystal therapy).
Using a blend of the 3 main treatments (below) I can shift, balance and align your energy helping you feel better.  When your energy is working in unison, you can achieve your greatness.
When you are being the best person you can be - The possibilities are endless.

Working from a private treatment room with parking available. See less


Stimulating the reflex points on the feet using a combination of different finger/thumb pressure techniques helps the body begin a self healing process.

This is a hands-on foot treatment which leaves a client feeling very relaxed. Ultimate benefits received when booking a course of 4 to 6 treatments.

Reflexology Therapy

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Balancing your energy field and supporting the healing process according to what is required.

Rahanni activates the body's own healing process by it's interaction with the energy field.  Rahanni helps emotionally, mentally, physically and is considered a complementary therapy rather than alternative. This means it works alongside most forms of standard medical care.

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Crystal healing

Thanks to celebrities and mainstream media, crystals are increasingly being recognised as a complementary therapy rather than alternative.

This is a non invasive therapy.  Crystals are placed upon the body for a length of time to encourage the body to kick start its own healing process.


Contact me for an initial consultation and further information.

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