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World Reflexology Week 2024

Join us in celebrating the benefits of reflexology from 18th until 24th September. 

Reflexology Therapy


World Reflexology Week is a global event that celebrates the many benefits of reflexology.

As a practitioner of this ancient healing practice, I am proud to participate in this special week. Reflexology can help to improve your life by reducing stress, anxiety and tension, promoting overall health and well-being.

Join Rahanni-Reflex Therapies in celebrating this important event and experience the many benefits of reflexology for yourself.


At Rahanni-Reflex, Kerry specialises in the ancient art of reflexology, dating back to Egyptian medicine.

Her vision is to promote all-round wellbeing by lifting stress, tension, and anxiety from your mind and body.

She believes that reflexology can contribute to a healthier world by helping people to optimize their physical and mental health.

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