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Reflexology with Kerry at Rahanni-Reflex
Frequently Asked Questions

How is foot reflexology carried out?

Your first consultation with Kerry at Rahanni Reflex will be slightly longer than your time booked (at no extra cost).   This is to ensure that the treatment is tailored to your requirements.  You will be talked through the process (if it's your first experience). Kerry at Rahanni-Reflex will also expect you to feel some apprehension at your first session so is happy to chat as the treatment progresses, for your reassurance.

Depending on your mobility, you will be relaxed on a Lafuma anti gravity (reclining) chair or massage couch whilst treatment is carried out within a safe, relaxing and private location. 
There will be time for questions towards the end of the treatment.

Varying finger/thumb pressure and massage techniques will be applied to the feet and lower leg areas following a reflexology mapping system.  Starting from the toes and working down the feet, Kerry at Rahanni-Reflex will either work on one foot at a time or in a criss cross / zig zag motion across both feet. It will depend on what she feels guided to do on the day.


Do you help treat terminal or other illnesses?

Kerry is a fully qualified complementary therapist only with absolutely no medical training. 

As a holistic practitioner and with reflexology, she treats YOU as a person with or without health conditions.  Kerry does not make any claims to treat specific health conditions, make a diagnosis or state that any treatment she offers can cure a person. 

The aim of a session is to ensure the person is supported throughout any energy balancing process best for them. 

The body is already doing a fantastic job of doing this but if there is anything else which it is having to cope with (like stress)  on top of this routine process then it may require support. 

If a session then helps you to improve or alleviate symptoms of any existing health conditions then that's down to your body responding to treatment.

Reflexology can be good for terminal illnesses as it is a touch therapy and sometimes a loving touch is all that we need towards the end of our life.

How should I prepare for my first session?

Firstly, please ensure you read the information emailed to you upon booking your session with me (it may take a couple of minutes to arrive and check your spam box).

If you do have any pre-existing conditions that are contra-indicated then it may mean your treatment could be delayed or postponed so it's always best to contact Kerry at Rahanni-Reflex before hand to ask to ensure your time isn't wasted.

If you are able to wash/wipe your feet prior to your visit then that would be great but not essential.
Wear comfortable clothing (suitable for the season) and please ensure when wearing trousers that they are easy to roll up above the ankle so I do not get cream or oil on them ( foot reflexology only). 

Can I bring my child/children with me?

Ultimately this is YOUR chance to take a break relax and spend some time being pampered.  If you really are stuck and need to bring your children with you, if they are old enough to sit in the car on the drive (where you can see them at all times) then by all means bring them.  If you have a young child or baby and you can relax with them in the studio then at my discretion you can bring them in. 
The Studio is not child friendly, I only have one guest seat and items displayed which must not be touched as they are easily breakable. If uncertain, please message to discuss further.


What should I expect for my first session?

Firstly, Kerry hopes you enjoy your treatment.

Most clients (on their first treatment) are usually pretty alert simply because they do not know what to expect which is perfectly normal.  

How you feel afterwards depends pretty much on how your body responds to your chosen treatment (reflexology or combined with another treatment) but most people feel very comfortable and relaxed when they leave for home.  Some feel more focused, clear headed whilst others feel really chilled out and head home for a good sleep.

An after treatment information sheet is available after your first treatment as is a follow up call/message/email as part of my service to you.

Kerry plays gentle music and uses Scentsy and essential oil room spray products.  If you are allergic to strong fragrances, please let her know before attending your appointment.

All sheets and blankets are washed in a non-bio product and no fabric conditioner is used.

Kerry uses a massage table or Lafuma reclining chair - If you have a preference or have mobility issues with getting in and out of a low seated chair then please let her know.


Is there wheelchair access?

Why should I choose you?

Whilst the entrance to the treatment room is wheelchair accessible, I'm sorry to say the driveway isn't yet, due to being gravelled. 

Rahanni-Reflex hopes to make the necessary improvements in the near future.

Can I bring a chaperone?

Yes! It's very important to feel comfortable and relaxed for your treatment so if bringing someone with you helps then please do. Please inform your chaperone that you will likely be with me for around 1hr and 15mins for your first session. 


What shall I bring with me?

You will likely feel thirsty after a session so please bring a bottle of water.

If you wish to bring your own blanket (including electric over-blanket), eye mask or pillow for your treatment then please do so.  It's important you feel comfortable.  

Cash or payments can be made via the website. 
Bank transfer or Paypal are also accepted.
Please ask Kerry or message for details.

Can I receive reflexology if I have cancer?

If reflexology wasn't safe to receive then the NHS wouldn't allow it to be offered on their oncology wards etc.

Providing a full consultation has been given and treatment is only offered in-between rounds of cancer treatment then yes it can extremely beneficial for someone going through such a tough and stressful time.  It is also worth mentioning to your oncology team that you are considering having reflexology.

Please contact Kerry with any further questions.

Do you offer a mobile service?

Not to the general public yet due to the logistics of carrying heavy equipment to and from the car to each premises and having to take care of my own health.

However, I do offer a mobile onsite visit to companies, residential homes to offer reflexology services with a minimum 3 hour booking charge which may include other adhoc expenses (fuel etc).

Please contact Kerry with any further questions.

Kerry will always advise a person to ensure that they resonate with their therapist and the only way you can do this is by first attending an appointment.

At the first session, a good therapist will talk you through your appointment.  Make sure you are comfortable, warm (depending on season) and that the treatment is at the right pressure for you and provide an aftercare service.

Don't be afraid to ask questions - It's your appointment after all and it is important that you feel reassured so you can make an informed decision about returning.

However, for extra reassurance, not only is Kerry at Rahanni-Reflex fully qualified and trained to ITEC standard but she has undergone further qualification training to meet the professional standards of being a full member with the Association of Reflexologists.

Being a member of this professional association is "a sign of assurance that they have met the strictest standards of reflexology practice, they are insured to practise and that they are committed to continually developing their skills and knowledge."*

*Extract from the AoR Website.


In addition to the above the AoR are there to offer you assistance with any concerns that you may have regarding a registered member.

For further information please visit the AoR website:

I am also registered with the Government created and backed Voluntary Regulation Council the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council). 


Remember reflexology is not just massage.  It incorporates some massage techniques but it is designed to bring holistic balance to your mind and body. Please do not be duped into paying for a foot massage thinking you are receiving reflexology.

What concessionary rate do you offer?

The concessionary rate is for reflexology only and applies to the following groups:


NHS Staff
Blue Light Card Members

Defences Discounts
Low income and in receipt of benefit
In receipt of pension (private and / or state)

All other services are exempt from the concessionary rate at this time.

Please contact Kerry with any further questions.

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