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Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni is an ancient healing energy introduced to Earth in 2002 to offer support to all of us here on Earth during what can only be described as a strong period of unsettling changes.

I am seeing more and more people wishing to receive Rahanni energy to help them feel more peaceful, calm and happier which has the positive knock on effect of bringing them into alignment, where everything feels better and as it should be.

When we walk a path more aligned to us personally, our happiness changes the energy dynamics around us and our lives suddenly become far easier to manage.

My own experience of Rahanni, is that it helped me release and let go of things that I had been holding onto like a white knuckle ride. 


Here is how it helped.

1. Releasing insecurity: 
I thought I needed to be liked by everyone so I spent a lot time with folk who were just not healthy for me and also people pleasing.

Releasing anything which is not good for you is helping you become who you really are and not all the roles or layers which you feel you need to be, have or hide behind.

2.  Learning to love and increase compassion for myself:  Ongoing but improving all the time.

Compassion starts with self, once you feel this, it becomes natural to be compassionate to others.

3.  Forgiveness - This was a tough one but Rahanni helped me see things differently. Having the ability to see things both sides can usually stop an argument before it starts.  There is strength and a feeling of freedom and relief in walking away from any situation/discussion/person who or which is unhealthy. 

Everyone on this planet has felt emotional pain, trauma or just about every emotion you have likely experienced but the difference is how we deal with it. 


If we accept it as part of life and view it as an experience rather than as a punishment

then it's unlikely to become an unhealthy problem but there are far too many experiences out there for us to make that kind of judgement and far too many people who will feel / see / perceive it in various ways and this is when healing energy may be required.

Rahanni can shift the perceptions, stuck emotions or stagnant energy within a person, it can create a shift within a person, in how an experience is viewed/thought about etc. and at this point, the inner healing has been sparked. 

It's not always a quick solution (I mean, it can be..).  It really depends on the person and how much of a spark has been created by the person receiving Rahanni healing.  Nonetheless, the door to healing will have opened and that's the step forward to forgiveness.

4.  Helping me recognise my truth and how to live by it. I used to get dragged into biased arguments which then turned on me and i played the "little victim" role for a while but with Rahanni I recognised the role I was playing and now able to walk away from it.

Rahanni can help you recognise the emotional drama and the tug of war games people (including yourself) play in order to control.  It's usually driven by their fear. 

So how can it help you?  That's for you to decide..

Who do you want to be and where do you want to be?

Let Rahanni help you find out.


Pink Sugar

Discover Rahanni

For further information please take a look at the main Rahanni website:


Rahanni Healing Practitioner Level I & II Training

Are you drawn to energy healing and have recently discovered Rahanni Celestial Healing?

I can teach you to become a Rahanni healing practitioner
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