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Reflexology is a therapy based on the principle that areas on the feet correspond to the body.  A qualified reflexologist will follow a mapping system incorporating different pressure techniques on the reflex points to stimulate out of balance areas within you.  

Reflexology is making such an impact on the world for everyone.  Simply because of how it helps people on all levels to relax, unwind and feel better overall with whatever they have going on in their lives. 

I also offer ongoing onsite reflexology sessions to local companies to help support their staff which has a positive impact all round - Win/Win situation. For further details get in touch.

To see an interactive reflexology foot map, please click the below links to the Association of Reflexologists



An important thing to remember is a reflexologist treats the person not the condition.

Reflexology boosts and supports the body's well-being


History of Reflexology

The origins of Reflexology go back as far as the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and other ancient cultures.

in this photo is eunice ingham who was the founder of modern day reflexology, born 1879, died 1974

Modern reflexology

Modern reflexology was brought to the UK in the 1960s by Doreen Bayley on behalf of Eunice Ingham (the original founder of modern reflexology in USA) who can be found on the left.

Reflexology treatments

Since the 1960s, reflexology has evolved to not only be carried out on feet, hands but ears, face and more recently since the global pandemic lock-downs. There is now a growing movement to offer reflexology remotely via energy work.

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