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The Breathing Space

Reclaim your power and live the life you want..

  • 777 British pounds

Service Description

THIS IS AN ACTIVE GROUP BASED ON FACEBOOK Sign up here: 6 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to neglect ourselves, including our personal energy field, which encompasses our aura, chakras, and subtle bodies. This neglect can cause our life force energy to become stagnant, leaving us feeling drained and out of balance. Maintaining our energy field is crucial for ensuring that our life force energy runs smoothly, fostering a harmonious, vibrant life where we stand fully in our own power. Everything within us has a vibration, and that movement will vary according to our actions, thoughts, and lifestyle choices—what we eat, drink, inhale, and inject all play a part. Weeks slip by without proper self-care, only to realise how much we need it when our energy starts to wane. While coffee or other stimulants might offer a temporary boost, they can't address the deeper needs of our well-being that we are ignoring. As a busy person, I totally understand the exhaustion that comes from juggling multiple roles. The constant demands can be overwhelming. However, I've found solace in self-help techniques that stabilise me between my own energy wellness sessions. This is where The Breathing Space comes in. It's a sanctuary that offers healthier alternatives to achieve that much-needed dopamine effect. By tapping into these resources, you can release stress and worries, find a safe space to offload, and experience inner calm. You'll boost your energy and achieve a sense of balance, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated each month. The Breathing Space provides a wealth of resources tailored to your needs, including meditations and guidance on understanding and maintaining your personal energy field. Explore crystal inspirations, tips for balancing your vibrational energy, and reflexology DIY techniques. With exclusive guides, you'll find clear steps to navigate whatever challenges you face. Join me and embrace the tools to nurture your energy field. Reconnect with your inner calm, boost your vitality, reclaim your power and maintain a harmonious life. Enjoy your monthly well-being enhancement by subscribing now. Sign up and enjoy an experience that not only treats you to the ultimate in holistic well-being but also provides the ongoing support essential for you as you navigate the challenges of stress to create a better life balance. SIGN UP HERE:

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