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Well-being On The Go

"Sometimes illness isn't borne of something physically wrong with us but actually it starts with what is emotionally or mentally affecting us."

Rahanni-Reflex Therapies

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

"The most neglected part of the body (other than feet) is likely to be your energy field.

The reason being, is we cannot physically see it so, we tend to ignore it and allow problems to creep in as a result.

Whatever your belief, your energy field will most definitely be impacting your life regardless as it is constantly working for you on a daily basis. 

The question is whether it is working properly for you or whether it is clogged up with energetic rubbish making you work harder at life.

Issues with your energy can be seen as feeling of being "stuck," full of frustration because we really to move forward but don't know what it is that is holding us back!"

Rahanni-Reflex Therapies


Lotus Flower

Wellbeing On The Go

Kerry at Rahanni-Reflex can clear, align and balance your energy field (aura, chakras, subtle bodies) and start you off on a healing journey with support.

She can provide proven spiritual energy tools which you can practise in-between treatments with her to help bolster/protect and cleanse your energy field.

If you are seeking more energy, more peace and inner calm but are so busy that you cannot commit to a course of in person sessions then this service is perfect for you as it works really well as a distant treatment
If you are wanting to achieve much better results within your well-being and bring complete balance to your mind and body  than you are currently getting then this is for you too.

Rahanni-Reflex Therapies

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