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Image by Jay Castor

Chakra Connections & Alignment
September 2023

Discover how chakras can help you heal

Chakra alignment helps you gain a healthier perspective over your life so you can steer it in the direction of YOUR choice.
Come with me on a journey of self-discovery and growth, where you can let go of emotional blockages and create that feeling of calm and peace which you have always craved.

Are you ready for the next step on your personal growth journey?

Image by Brad West

Presented by Kerry, Founder & CEO at
Rahanni-Reflex Therapies

Kerry is a an energy wellbeing practitioner with over 15years experience in the wellbeing sector.

She is passionate about helping and teaching women who are looking to upgrade their health and wellbeing to achieve much better results than they are currently getting.

She lives in Shropshire, UK with her family.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

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